Things That I Wish My Heart To Understand. 

Dear Heart,

Don’t jump on seeing another soul. I know it resembles a lot like you but hold your stomping beats and let the brain focus for once. 

I know it’s been years since you yearned and jumped in joy or blushed at the thought of the other but harness your desire. 

I don’t want you to proclaim any affection for once. Brain very well knows the pain you grow through when you are injured. 

The nights are tough and the logic seems to sleep but I want you to remember one line that brain keeps on repeating. ‘Action speaks louder than words’ 

The annihilation won’t be long if you succumb so easily. Be a wolf. Don’t give in easily. Let the other show you first. Reign your swooning because it won’t be long before you declare the other as your procession. 

Oh heart, it’s simply foolish to let yourself wander in this world. Patience, dear. 

– Hema Sanghavi 


You are Here

The pumping increased,
The beating shivered,
Sounding like drums on high,
Peacock dancing,
Jovial smile,
Empirical it felt.
The emptiness revealed wholeness,
Souls matched again,
The moment ;
An everlasting Kodak moment,
You came.
You are here.


Its subtle in his ways,
More like fingers of painters,
Words move like a con man on its prey,
Eyes twinkling to the excitement,
The innocence is wondrous to him,
Ardent to move his moves,
Calculative like a chess player,
Naivety it’s prey,
More smiles and sweet gestures,
Finally sinking his teeth and killing,
All that is left is filled stomach,
And long wailing cry of heart.