The battle of luck and fortune : Happy St. Patrick’s day!

MA, I didn’t win today, I just lost because I was one second behind, just one second ma!
May be, I don’t have luck with me”, Sid said sobbingly.

He had practiced hard, he didn’t miss a day when it came to this competition. He and his mother knew how much he wanted to win.

Watching his child cry broke his mother. She was so proud of him that he gave his best. But she didn’t want him to talk about luck.

“You came second my baby, that’s great too.  I am so proud of you. You tried so hard for it. Next time, try a bit more harder son”

“But, I wanted to win this time! Why can’t God give me luck just for today? ”

” Why today son? ”

” Ma, I wanted to buy you a gift from the money I would have gotten being first. Your birthday is coming ” Sid said crying loudly.

He was so upset with himself. He knew his mother needed that, but she was saving it for him. He just wanted to see his mother happy. Why couldn’t he win??…

Tears welled up in his mother’s eyes and Sid couldn’t see her crying.

“I am sorry ma, I really am. ”

” My life, you don’t need to be sorry about anything. The fact that you wanted to come first for me, is more than the gift son.  I love you and you don’t have to worry about money.  Enjoy these competitions.  They are meant for you my baby. ”

” But…. ”
” Ssshh.. No buts Sid. I know we aren’t rich and I can’t give you many things you should have gotten. But you don’t have to worry about it.  Your ma is here.

You make your own luck son. Maybe the child who won first might have practiced more than you. 

Don’t ever fall for luck son. Have you seen uncle who buys lottery tickets daily? He believes someday he might get very rich. He is purchasing it since he started earning.  I have never seen him win. But the money from which he buys, goes daily.  He could have saved those and could have been to the doctor.

Don’t think so much. Just give it your best and even if you fail.. Don’t give up.  May be the next time you will win””

“Okay ma. I love you. ”

-Hema Sanghavi

Written by Hema Sanghavi.


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