Tribute to Alan Rickman


Words fall less when you start writing a tribute. Writing down emotions that flow through you and writing down to express it, was best done by the romantics. While, words fail me, my emotions don’t.

My introduction to Alan Rickman was when I was in third grade, watching “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” with my cousins. I didn’t know anything about harry potter up till then. when i saw him enact the role of severus snape, i started disliking him. No, not because of some good adult reason but simply because i took him as Snape. For me, they both were the same.

This just simply reminds me how wonderful his acting abilities are! No matter how many times i read harry potter, for me snape’s image would always be Alan Rickman. I haven’t seen his other works, nor i am his crazy fan, and amazingly he still remains a part of my life.

Growing up till now, he has been an enigma to me, like how snape is. He enacted his role so perfectly that the real snape would have left confused. Though i havent met him, i haven’t been a part of his life, he has taught me so much.

So, Mr. Alan, even if i was a stranger to you, you taught me so many life lessons that i cant begin to describe. On behalf of the potterheads, i say this pride, ” You will always be remembered in our hearts. Always”

Love and peace to you.





Bihar: Government to impose tax on Samosa, Jalebi

“Oh, Samosa! I forgot about you… i am so sorry.. Now, people will pay 13% extra for you!” – Indian Tax

Recently, the Bihar government decided to add few items in their list of what they considered “luxury”. Soon, the cabinet decided that the luxury items can’t be left alone, so they proposed to impose taxes on them.

Nothing new about it, but what is interesting that the new luxury items were Samosa, jalebi, and snacks. The humble samosas which costs mere 12-15 per piece, a food item which is eaten by almost everyone, at times serving as lunch to those who can’t afford a proper meal is considered a luxury item.

More funnily, the state has proposed to impose tax of whopping 13.5% on them, along with other sweets/snacks which costs Rs 500 per kg. They haven’t left the an almost necessity item either, i.e. mosquito repellents.

If this wasn’t enough, the cabinet has added the similar rate of tax on sand, cosmetic items, hair oils and also auto/battery parts. It seems that the government were at loss when they wanted to impose new taxes, so they decided to impose it on popular household products.

A simple question which arises is, How can government decide which items are luxury or necessity? Has the cabinet done any study to even propose it in the meeting?

The far more alarming, dreading question is about the consequences of the imposed taxes on common man! There is a reason why foodgrains and food items along with certain household items are kept at nominal rates : people should be able to afford it!!

Do people have to go on Dandi march to oppose the new rule?

–Hema Sanghavimeat-samosa