I was on Buzzfeed blog yesterday. There was one blog on make up tools. I was stunned. There are so many of them. Different types of Kajal/khol itself ( pencil, gel, liquid, homemade ) and to apply them different types of tools. If you want winged eyeliner you need angled brush etc.

Astonished and repulsive would describe what I felt. I won’t say I am anti make up or anything but the fact that one needs to buy so many stuff to either highlight their features or conceal some.

Why would I need concealer, foundation, eye powders, creams( not to mention different types of them; hand, face, body, skin type, night one, one for dark circles ), khol, lipstick, lip liner, gel based stuff, matte and blah and blah….
Oh, I just applied layers of makeup now I need to remove it. So again, to remove the make up we again need so many products.

While this just covers the face area, we are left with tons of stuff for the body. nail polish, nail art seems to be on trend, along with moisturizer, deodorant etc.

I think you are getting to where I am hinting at. I am not going against the use of make up, but against the very idea of it. To hide the blemishes, to cover the dark circles, marks, to highlight cheekbones.

The whole beauty segment seems like materialism. The advertising sector I feel more than 50% dedicated to beauty segment in India at least. And our society somehow wants to be fair. So each and every other brand can make you fair as pearl white with months!!

Why can’t we simply understand that our skin tone is because of geography and gene.

Along with beauty, we have now moved ourselves to a competition to see how skinny a girl can be. With guys, it seems how many abs does he have!!

How easily we judge someone within a fraction of a second with what they wear,  and their body type.

Since I am a college going student, I have myself seen the effects of these marketing and advertisement has done to people.

People are trying to starve or eat minimal food, going to gym even to either lose weight or to make some abs.
Trying to follow the latest fashion trends, lingo and even to generate likes of what is trending.

I am against the ideologies that have captured and destroyed the crowds. It seems that the brands are promoting not just their products but also how these products are necessary in our lives!!
While they made sure that the products are actually necessary they soon try to break the more psyche by telling us that their and only their products are nest and can be used daily which my gosh has been recommended by so and so!!

Are we that blind that we can’t see what’s going on? Or are we just another robot trained by these brands?

Be fit. Exercise. Eat right. Be you. Because what’s the use of wearing a mask daily when slowly you lose your sense of identity.
(Don’t trust me, try using khol daily for 3 months. daily. Then just one day, don’t apply it. You won’t like it. Why? Because you are used to see yourself like that )
-Hema Sanghavi

Inspired from the poem, ‘The Unknown Citizen’ by W. Auden.

Written by Hema Sanghavi.


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