The Unsung Hero

To my Pain,
I thank you today,
I didn’t realise how much I needed you in my system,
I didn’t want you,
You showed me what hell could feel like,
I hated you,
I never wanted you to be with anyone,
I thank you.
Yes, I was in bad phase,
I felt hopeless and desolate,
Grief didn’t give me justice,
But you were there constantly by my side,
You showed me my strength and my courage,
You showed me that you were with me because I loved deeply,
You showed me what happens when I was too naive and foolish,
You helped me to gather those tiny freckles of strength,
You were the silent friend who wanted the best for me,
You taught me to stand up for myself,
You gave me power to say No,
You gave me the eyes to see the reality and removed the smokey perception I held,
Its sad people don’t write about you,
You are the unsung hero,
Always forgotten to praised,
You are my Yang and
won’t forget you,
Because you are my hero,
You taught me to walk when I lost my wings.
– Hema Sanghavi

Written by Hema Sanghavi.


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