The Walk

The walk was much needed. She had to go out. An escape however small it seemed to be.
She repeated the mantra in her head,”I am not going to cry, I am not going to get emotional. No, you can’t do this. ”
She was walking around for an hour and the legs wanted to give up. Finally when she saw a a place to sit in the park, she let it all out.

She made sure that no one was looking around. She had to cry. She couldn’t control it. The reality was too much for her to handle. The books weren’t helping her either.

Hermione Granger would have locked herself in bathroom. Being cold as Snape didn’t work also. All she wanted was to escape from all this.

She pondered what price she is paying for this harsh truth. Couldn’t she find someone who would just understand her and not judge? Be a silent supporter and be there for her. She wasn’t asking for much. Just nice company.
Sighing, she wiped her tears and stood up. It was getting late. She had to cook dinner and complete her chores too.

Suddenly, she saw a dog looking at her. Like the dog knew what she felt. That tug her heart even more.
She knelt down and played with the dogs’ ears and neck. He purred in happiness and wiggled his tail.

Sadly, she had to leave. She said, “I need to go now. Thank you for being there. ”
Barking, the dog followed her till she reached home.

Written by Hema Sanghavi.


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