Poet’s week

I use Instagram daily, no no; not to share my pictures daily. ( That would be self obsessed right?)
I use it to read the works of the poets of Instagram. These people are from different regions and one thing that bonds them is poetry. It’s raw and relatable.
These aren’t the big big poetry or something that has rhyming scheme or meter. They are really small and simple which speaks emotions. Some use Imagism or symbolism… I won’t get into the analysis of poem, although I really wish I could do it for my assignments.
So, this week is dedicated to them.
Most of them have their books out.
I will surely add the links of their books and their account too.
The poets are :
Christopher Poindexter
Zachry K Douglas
Leo Christopher
Kat Savage
Marisa Crane
Beau Taplin
R. M. Drake
J. Raymond ( I can’t leave him!)

Have awesome day!
Stay tuned for the poetry week
– Hema Sanghavi

Written by Hema Sanghavi.


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