WhatsApp conversation with friends in poetic form

Friend :”Life is frustrating at times, anger is what it wants, it makes us confused, you now don’t have ability to make any decision, even if you do make things work out, it drags you back to where you were. Things will never change, you are now on the dark side. It has consumed you. You may never know what life actually is.”

Me: “Things will always surprise you, it will always come unexpected. The times may seem dark and Gothic, its not meant to be. The purpose and existence aren’t constant.
Life will never tell you what it is but the aim is to deal and enjoy”

Friend :”There it goes again. Why is it that whenever you want something, it just leaves you. You would have got it if you were moments early. Maybe there’s always a reason, today it was a glimpse of a sweet child whose smile made me forget every worries and realise how beautiful life is. Tomorrow it must be something else. And here it is, its time to go, but my eyes still on the child that made my day as it slowly fades away”

Me : “Reasons aren’t always visible when things are like night. But you have to see the stars that stay with you”

Friend : “There’s something strange today, staring at my hands, waiting for a them to start but they don’t, i stress but they don’t move. Maybe there’s nothing to think about, no thoughts to write about. It has never happened, then what’s different today. Its like not knowing who you really are. I feel empty it feels pitch dark with no light in sight”

Me: “Why do nights look beautiful,
Why looking at the stars you feel you aren’t alone,
And there’s at least someone,
Blackness has its own story maybe,
May be, blackness has its own beauty”

Friend: “Sitting on window i think when is it that things will be better, will they ever be better i think? Waiting for something i sit here, for just a moment that would bring smile on my face and make me forget every thing else, and here it comes, a droplet of tear from my eyes as the clouds join me and start crying as well”
Me: “Things get better,
If not,
Then Steve jobs would have died out of starvation,
Believe and hope are not simple words,
Use them passionately,
You will see things getting better”


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