Random thoughts

A short haul seems like the carriage has become stagnant,
The horses have been misled,
They miss the gentle caress, and small talks,
Those eyes in which they shared talks,
The path seems wavery,
Less troden,
The world has been to verify the same path,
Greens are covered with snow,
The blood trickling in the corner,
The deforestation leads to murder,
And the white pale is red

Written by HemaSanghavi. Contact for any work.


Hard Core

Deep down, everyone wants to believe they can
be hardcore. But being hardcore isn’t just about
being tough – it’s about acceptance. Sometimes
you have to give yourself permission to not be
hardcore for once. You don’t have to be tough
every minute of every day. It’s okay to let down
your guard. In fact, there are moments when it’s
the best thing you can possibly do – as long as
you choose your moments wisely
-Grey’s anatomy

Written by HemaSanghavi. Contact for any work.

Craves Him

She craves to be touched
But not by any of her lovers
Just him
His eyes had certain aura that made her weak for him
She wanted to see his eyes and be lost in it
The way his lips were shaped
She just wanted to kiss it and hear him moan her name
The way his lips felt on her neck gave her shivers
She longed for those soft warm lips
The hands, Oh his hands!
She blushed like beetroot at the thought!
The strong hands;
Were magic
They seemed to know what she needed
They could turn from soft to hard 
So strong yet comforting
She yearned for him
Craved just him
Because she knew that its only him now who could make her feel again
Love always,

Written by HemaSanghavi. Contact for any work.

Beau Taplin – The Change


Beautiful writer! He is on tumblr, Instagram! Check his works!

Losing you changed me. I have been quiet, and quick tempered. And when I am shown concern I m blunt or allusive. I avoid my friends. Drink too much. And  I don’t recall when I last felt moved by someone. I lost you. That I understood. I just didn’t think I would lose me too.

Written by HemaSanghavi. Contact for any work.


The shine which we look for,
The beats which we want to be beat for,
The smile which changes the soul,
The soul which we search for,
The passion that clicks,
The silence which matters,
The Touch of the air changes the vibes,
You seemed to do just fine
For me you are soil,wind,water and my fire.

Written by HemaSanghavi. Contact for any work.

You are Here

The pumping increased,
The beating shivered,
Sounding like drums on high,
Peacock dancing,
Jovial smile,
Empirical it felt.
The emptiness revealed wholeness,
Souls matched again,
The moment ;
An everlasting Kodak moment,
You came.
You are here.


Its subtle in his ways,
More like fingers of painters,
Words move like a con man on its prey,
Eyes twinkling to the excitement,
The innocence is wondrous to him,
Ardent to move his moves,
Calculative like a chess player,
Naivety it’s prey,
More smiles and sweet gestures,
Finally sinking his teeth and killing,
All that is left is filled stomach,
And long wailing cry of heart.