A Letter of an broken heart

Dear _______,

Time passes,

New Moments are created,

Somewhere I m just like others,
Took on projects and works which makes me too busy to notice the time blurring,

I smile genuinely,
But I m lost somewhere,
The people seem different,
They are just categorised into groups.

Familiar faces around me,
But they just seem distant,

Even in those new moments,
In my joy, in my sadness
I remember you.

I have deleted your pics and our chats,
I have stopped messaging you,

Your face shape is vaguely remembered,
But I can’t forget what I felt when I was with you,

I can’t forget how happy I was,
Or how lucky I thought I was,
The perfect romance with a glitch.

I can’t forget your essence,
Or your chivalry,
Or the way you went crazy about cars and batman,

My mado mate,
I still remember you.

I may forget how you looked like,
But I won’t forget the moments when I just wanted to grab you and kiss you.

I can’t believe how truthful I was when I said you are me.

I wish things were different and I would be at your side
But your happiness matters more to me.

I hope you are happy.


Love always,


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